I shall strive for epicness...

Hey there!
My name is eshinobip and I'm a ninja!

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There's so much to do here, so I hope you make the most of it!

So yeah, thanks for everything everyone!


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Primarily, this website is my portfolio, where I can show off all the different things I can do; so any potential future employers can judge how ninja I am.

But there is a lot for all you ninjas of the internet to do as well:

-Play Games

-Look at my artwork

-Converse with your fellow ninjas

-Ninja Community


-Read all sorts of stuff about me

-Read about what's going on with my life and about being a ninja

-Contact me and ask me questions

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Featured Content

EPNinjaObjective - System Format

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My final project made for the Scratch Community, my greatest game.

Follow epninja and Amara as they finally find out the true objectives of the Creator.

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NINJA NEWS [updates]

Added links to my new html5 canvas game b0ss to my games page, and added more art to my arts page.

Hey, just updated the site with all the Ninja Arts so far, added System Format!! Just go explore the site!

Haha, I really need to update this site more.

Been a while, just added Extreme Ninja Parkour Runner to the site!

Click here to play!

Added Extreme Ninja  Parkour Master! Click here to play it!

Added Scratch Marathon Extreme! to the site! Click here to play!

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